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Jesus gives the order
Servants do what servants do
Water becomes wine


Grace and comfort
To the sorrowful sinner:


Broken wounded hearts
Stars seemingly numberless
He knows all their names

jmc 1-30-2011

This summer God brought the concept of praising Him to mind, and I found it to be something that I really do not completely understand, especially as I ponder what it is like to receive praise from others and to give praise to others. If you have any insights on the topic that you’d like to pass on to me–ways that you have learned to do this very thing–I would love to read them.

I wrote this senryu as I was doing my month-long senryu/haiku exercise in February:


At the end of the day
At the end of the psalms
Praise the LORD


Christ arose and was seen,
Forerunner of believers:
We live through Him

No resurrection?
Your faith is vain; dead in sin.
Have we been liars?



I Peter 3:3-4

Hard to be when I am not


Prophecy and nail
A woman gets the credit–
Deborah, Jael

I have another blog that i haven’t used much lately–Notes from Joybells. I usually reserve it more for personal events than for thoughts on life and God and stuff like that. So this blog gets more use. But this month, a student of mine had an assignment that introduced haiku and gave me an idea for writing one a day during the month of Feb. I’ve begun posting some of them on my other blog (though I probably could just post them all here by this point . . . *indecision, thou art my bane!*)

Enjoy! =)

Oh, God of dust and rainbows, help us see That without dust the rainbow would not be. ~ Langston Hughes

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