I know. There’s nothing more frustrating than checking a blog only to find the same old stuff there that has been there the last 10 times you checked. I apologize for mine being one of those frustrating blogs.

I know. You realize that I’m busy, and you cut me some slack. After all, you’re busy, too, and we all have to prioritize.

But that’s not exactly why I sometimes go for a long time without posting. Sometimes it’s because I’m busy. But sometimes it’s because of the name of this blog. There’s a time when thirst really doesn’t feel joyous; there’s a time when it feels hopeless. I might know in my mind that the hopeless feeling is just a feeling, but my heart and my fingers can’t seem to catch the mind’s optimism, and the only things I can think to post are tinged with hopelessness.

Perhaps that is a trifle hypocritical–to claim that thirsting for God is joyous and then to not write because I’m not finding it joyous at the time. Perhaps it’s just human–there are times when it’s hard to know what to say! You can decide. But sometimes when there are no posts forthcoming, it’s because I’m not sure what to say. I want to stimulate thought with my blogs, not hopelessness!

So I sometimes I take a break and step away from my blogs to think and to rest and to find the truth to write–because the deepest truths are full of joy, not of hopelessness. When we are hopeless, it’s because the truths we are seeing are not the final word on the situation. And I am coming more and more to believe it–at least in my head. I’m still letting God work on moving those truths to my heart.

Who knows? Maybe the discipline of posting even when I don’t feel like it will help it to move from head to heart. I’m trying to post anyway–even when life feels stupid.

Thanks for reading and checking back with me.