I suspect that everyone who reads this blog wonders occasionally "Who in the world is this person?" That's a good question! Sometimes I wonder myself. I know that basics, of course–blonde, female, officially recognized as an adult by the watching world (except those school parents that don't like a call I've made about their children), daughter, sister of two wonderful kids. But there are still so many things that mystify me about myself, too. I guess that makes me normal =). Normal and quirky, of course. But who am I? Although self-examination is well and good, I'm learning that to truly know who I am, I must look to an outside source–the God of the universe a.k.a. the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness. He made me and knows me through and through; the things that mystify me about myself don't mystify Him. As I seek Him I come to know myself better, but that's a small achievement in comparison with knowing Him better! The more I know Him, the more I want to know. And that's why I have this particular site: I wanted a place to ponder the great questions of life, a place to muse over this truly joyous thirst for knowing God better in all aspects of my life. Life may not get easier, but I think my pastor is right when he says that life gets better the more you come to know God Himself. He is bigger than me, and I need Him to be. No God that is a figment of my own imagination could satisfy me any more than my own saliva could quench my thirst after a grueling workout. Do you know Him? I can introduce you!