Hello, my dear readers =)

A recent discussion with a friend over one of the stanzas in my recent poem “Hard” gave me this idea =) Our discussion reminded me a little of the exercise we did on my blog a few years ago with John Donne’s poem “Death Be Not Proud”–you can read those paraphrases in this post: Trash Talking Death (be sure to look in the comments!).

I thought it might be fun to do it again, so . . .

If you have the time, would you choose a stanza of  “Hard” to either rework or to put into your own words?

You don’t have to try to make it “poetic” if you don’t want to; prose would be just as fun as poetry! Just share your version of these thoughts–or even your own examples of the thoughts I shared.

You can post your version in the comments for this post. Please be sure to include the stanza number!

Thank you! =) *eager smile*