So, it hit me the other day why I often have a hard time praising God. At least praising Him aloud and to others.

I’m superstitious.

I have this feeling that if I praise Him, if I say that things are going well for me, if I share something I am grateful for, I might lose it. It might disappear. God’s next plan might be to take that away.

I’d cite Job’s example, but really this superstition is not logical. Yes, I reason from it, probably subconsciously for the most part. But that belief itself is not based on logic but on fear, fear of loss.

I’m not alone in this, I know. In the past 10 years, I have gotten to know a bit of Chinese culture, and they have similar superstitions–don’t praise your children to their face because it might cause the spirits to target them. Or something like that. And the Jews have some, too (look at Golde in Fiddler on the Roof). It’s a universal fear, I think. Only it just hit me a couple weeks ago that I tend to feel that way and avoid praising God for what I have lest I be unable to switch from enjoying what He has given me to doing without it. Maybe if I don’t acknowledge the gift, it won’t hurt so badly when it gets taken away.


I wonder if that’s why God reminds us over and over to praise Him. Perhaps praise frees us from the superstition, helping us to live in the present with joyfulness, helping us daily to face the future with courage.