January 8, 2010

I am no warrior princess
No Valkyrie from Valhalla
No shield-maiden
Just me
So numb from battle
So tired weary wasted
Drooping down amid shouts of victory
Just me
The grime of battle
So besmirches me I
Don’t know whether it’s my own blood
I wear or another’s
We won, didn’t we?
Why don’t I care?
Is this my own blood that
Covers me head to toe?
Or simply battle-gore from the foe?
How did I acquit myself?
Nevermind: it doesn’t really matter
When all I want is . . . what?
If I got what I was fighting for,
When will I know its joy?
Is it never to be done?
I am no Valkyrie, no Fury
No epic warrior princess
No shield-maiden
Just me.