“I have a dream,” Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed to the United States—those listening to his message at the time and those who have listened throughout the years since he spoke it.  Thomas Edison dared to dream that he could produce a light-bulb, and his invention has enlightened millions. Dreams—visions of what could be—change the future when they are acted upon. Everybody is a dreamer.

“What happens to a dream deferred?” the speaker in one Langston Hughes poem wonders. As empowering as dreaming can be, the hard cold world of reality impels us to get up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other till we sink back into bed exhausted and wondering if what we dream could really exist anywhere besides our own imaginations. After days and days of slogging through life, the dreams begin to lose their luster and fade away like the early morning mist when the sun comes out. Everybody has to live in reality . . . sooner or later.

But some of us dream dreams that keep coming back. Some of us act on those dreams even when we can’t see them. Some of us actually make the world a better place as our dreams are realized. In many ways, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream has come true. Thomas Edison’s did. Still, some dreams are too good to be true. We call them fairy tales and try not to live in the world of fantasy because “happily ever after” just doesn’t happen so completely in real life. Or does it? The part of us that can’t help dreaming is the part of us that can’t help wishing that things really did turn out perfectly after all. And that’s the part of us that keep on hoping even after all hope is gone.

Hope: it’s what the truest dreams are called. And God has a lot to say about hope. He promises a day when “happily ever after” will come true—completely. His promises seem too good to be possible; they’re not just possible, they’re true. They’re the things that whisper hope even when the lights of life seem to have dimmed and nothing seems possible anymore. Someday life will be more wonderful than we’ve imagined it could be. God invites us to dream His dream with Him—it’s the one that all other dreams can only echo. Come dream the best dream of all.

It’s ok to be a starry-eyed dreamer. I am.