Sometimes our ideas of what faith is get as scrambled as the title of this post. We hear about faith in ourselves or faith in mankind or faith in our friends, and sometimes just plain faith by itself (on rye, hold the mustard?). Sometimes it seems elusive and we try to hold onto it as though it’s a good luck charm that we can put in our pockets to ward off disaster. But how to define what it really is? how to describe it? that’s not so easy! There’s an indefinable quality to faith just as there is to breathing–we breathe without thinking about what the action is: we just do it.

However, for some of us, exercising faith is like learning to ice-skate: it takes work and effort and perhaps can be done better if we understand what it is that we are trying to do (besides merely staying upright) and how that is best to be accomplished.

A friend of mine has been scrutinizing faith lately and God has been putting that puzzle together a little more for him. Take the time to read and ponder his thoughts and the verses God has given him about faith (the Word and Faith).

Here’s a thought on faith that I’m currently pondering:

“Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time.” –Oswald Chambers (qtd in NBBC Alumni Update for November 13, 2006)

II Timothy 1:12 supports this concept, too: knowing God unscrambles our faith

Do I know Him? Do you?