“Have you lost your small glass gaming spheres?”
–Spock to Leonard Nemoy in I AM SPOCK

This quotation came to mind quite randomly at the beginning of the Sunday morning service this week, and it occured to me that if I just give God my marbles they won’t be lost. It’s back to that lovely word “commit” that is found in Psalm 37:5 and II Timothy 1:12b. I’m learning to commit everything to God, to offer them to Him in childlike faith as children bring things to their parents and leave them in Daddy’s capable hands. Committing in the Bible brings with it the word picture of depositing something in a bank, the safest bank in the world because God keeps (guards, protects, tends) those things that I give Him better than I ever could.

Lately committing things to God has felt a bit like playing with a wooden paddle-ball toy (you know, those that have a rubber ball attached by means of elastic to the paddle?)–I bat the ball towards God only to find it’s still attached to my mind. I guess that giving God my marbles–my problems, concerns, desires, excitement, plans, everything!–is something that I will learn over and over and over again. When I am able to do it, what a relief! It’s like a sigh of contentment and release.

No, I haven’t lost my small glass gaming spheres–I’ve committed them, I think. If not, I’ll do it . . . as soon as I find them =)