Pastor Steve is preaching a series on Haggai, and his message Last Sunday sent me back into Haggai to explore some of the things that God spoke to me about during the message. Here’s one of the cool things I found:

Haggai 2:7
And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.
The “desire of all nations” is Jesus. He is that ultimate desire that will be fulfilled. As God promised here to fill the temple with His glory, He promises in the New Testament to fill the church with His fullness and, even more wonderful, to fill His people. This verse in Haggai connects with Ephesians 3:16-19 which gives the process of being filled with God’s fullness:

I need to be
1) Strengthened by the Holy Spirit so that
2) Christ can dwell in our hearts through faith, giving us a
3) Solid foundation in love from which we may gain
4) New levels of understanding Christ’s love in order to be
5) Filled with God’s fullness.

It’s really funny to look back over my week and review the questions I asked God and the answers He gave. He answers them so quietly that I often miss the connections until I go back later to read what I’ve written down. For example, I wrote about needing to understand and know His love more in this entry I’ve just shared from Tuesday; on Friday, I was reading in John 11 and was struck by the love Christ had for three individuals—Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. I’ve read that passage many times, but this time it almost surprised me at the individual love He had for them, so much that He wept with Mary over her brother’s death. It’s easier for me to think of and comprehend God’s love for a group of people. That Jesus had special individuals that He was close to when He walked this earth was oddly comforting. Hmm . . . .

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave your own tidbit of what God said to you this week.