Catching up on a friend's blog the other day, I re-read one of my favorite of hers (incidentally one of her favorites, too): "Can you go with me?" As she captures the experience of helping a little child go somewhere he's scared to go alone, I'm reminded of my own times I've wished for another's hand, someone older and bigger and more adult. But I'm the adult now. I'm also reminded of a verse I recently re-discovered.

Psalm 73:23
Nevertheless I am continually with Thee: Thou hast holden me by my right hand.

And somehow it's a comforting mental picture to see myself as I really am—a child. I'm the original Peter Pan, and I don't have to grow up when it comes to my relationship with God. Please note that I did not say that I don't have to grow; somehow in God's rules there's a difference between growing and growing up. No matter how much I grow I still need to be a little child as I approach my Abba Father. And I can always gain comfort in knowing that He's holding my hand through everything. That confidence a child experiences when Daddy is holding his hand walking him through the new place or the group of imposing people, that same confidence is always mine . . . always.

But it's my own secret.

I think I've found the true fountain of youth. Ponce de Leon missed it, poor guy.