When I first arrived in St. Louis and began living at my aunt and uncle's house, one of the family routines that was new to me was their weekly habit of sharing from their own personal Bible reading. On Saturday nights, sharing time includes telling how many days of the week we read God's Word, how many days we wrote down a thought and response to it, and then sharing one thought and response from the week. At first I thought it would be a stressful time each week of feeling like I hadn't been good enough because I hadn't read each day; soon I realized my mistake. No matter how many days I read or didn't read, I was encouraged for what I had read and what I had to share that night. Sooner than later I began to enjoy those Saturday times and to read more diligently on my own. Incorporating this sharing time into my 5th/6th grade classroom had the same effect on my students, encouraging them to read more on their own and acknowledging that God could speak, would speak, and was indeed speaking to them.

Now that I am back in California for the summer, I miss that sharing time. So I will begin tonight posting the things I would have shared had I been in St. Louis each Saturday night. Please feel free to add your comments (I really enjoy and learn from them) and to add your own sharing from what God has said to you during your walk with Him each week. The "rules" are simple–tell how many days you read, how many you wrote down, and share one (or more–sometimes we find ways to share more than one!). The things that God says to us are not always confined to His Word alone, but they all correspond to the truths He relates in His Word.

God does speak today. God does speak to individuals. He gives His Spirit to each of His children to guide them into truth and to teach them what He is saying to them. May you hear His voice each day as you follow Him and His Word.